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Take Realtime Data Driven Decisions

The Platform Allows Data Driven Actions

Takes the power of BI to the next level to combine all your data and put it to work across any business process or workflow. A platform that allows everyone to drive action from data.

Data driven actions with Domo

Domo is where data gets put to work within your business. Combine all your data, BI, and workflows into apps that change how work gets done.


Domo Benefits:


  1. A comprehensive platform. Data integration and modern BI with the ability to create data apps—all in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

  2. Dashboards & Reporting. Customizable, real-time and interactive self-service dashboards that can be personalized for every user—no coding required.

  3. Data apps. Build custom apps on the Domo platform that can also be shared externally—whether you’re a novice or seasoned developer.

  4. Cloud flexibility. Built in the cloud and easily connects to data from your other clouds, such as Snowflake or Redshift.

  5. Unparalleled data integration. Over 1,000 connectors to tap into cloud or on-premises systems–with the power to combine them easily using built-in, drag-and-drop ETL.

  6. World-class data governance. Maintain control of all your data and users’ access to it with Domo’s centralized data governance tools.

Domo and Jinactus

Jinactus is a premier sales partner for Domo across APAC and India. 


Jinactus ensures the overall product and project implementation are all governed, and executed as per short mid and long term requirements of the customers.

Domo - Data Analytics and BI - Introduction

One platform. Limitless possibilities. Integrate data from anywhere and create app-led workflows to tackle any business challenge.

Customers of Domo

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