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Patented Location Intelligence Methodology


For Government, Businesses & NGOs

AimLocate uses its patented method of hierarchical addressing to identify every building anywhere in the world. Once these data points are obtained, local attributes are applied, and the data is ready to be utilized and customized to your specific needs. Whether you are government, business, or NGO, knowing where your client is and what they may need allows you to provide a superior service

About Aimlocate

One of the fastest growing Alternative Addressing Company, focusing on simplifying the World Addresses, defining the Unique Address for any Addressable entity on earth. 


The unique value provided by AimLocate:


  • A numeric code as house number - No Specialized software 

  • Addressing has concept of neighborhood 

  • Gives a directional reference from one to the other 

  • The address can identify duplicates 

  • Can be scaled to higher resolution 

  • Hierarchical data for Census Survey 

  • Fraud detection is possible using addressing home 

  • Least Expensive and Multi Usage


We live in a connected economy. The ability to see where a client is, gives you the ability to make better decisions and strategic choices. Similarily, governments' work starts with a location and knowing where someone has allowed you to address issues and plan for the future. And, NGO’s are focused on helping others and the ability to track their work to see real progress, as it is vital to what they do. 


With AimLocate you can address and track almost anything and store any information in one of the data points.

AimLocate and Jinactus

Jinactus is the sales partner of AimLocate in India. 

Jinactus ensures the overall product and project implementation are all governed, and executed as per short, mid and long-term requirements of the customers.

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