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New Way to run High Velocity Sales

About Leadsquared:


LeadSquared CRM is being used by 2000+ enterprises across 40 countries to enhance their end-to-end sales, marketing, and Field Force Automation. Known for its verticalized, industry-centric solutions, LeadSquared serves EdTech, Education, Healthcare, BFSI, Real Estate, Automotive, and Hospitality industries. The company is headquarted in Bengaluru and has a PAN India presence with offices in Noida, Mumbai, and Hyderabad and global offices in the US, Philippines, South  Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.


Get the Most from your Feet-on-Street Sales, Digital Sales, Call Centre and Merchant Operations.


  • Boost up your sales from all your teams by pushing leads down the sales funnel faster with powerful lead nurturing features with the help of in-built marketing automation tool.

  • Boost the efficiency of all your field teams (sales, vendor onboarding etc.) with the help of Field Force Automation. 

  • Allow prospects and vendors to complete their applications online and manage their profiles with the help of self-service portal.

  • Increase Sales Velocity and improve Conversion Rates with the help of Sales Execution CRM tool and achieve your Sales Target with the help of Sales Performance Suite. 

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Jinactus is a Leadsquared partner for Asia Pacific. Jinactus plans to introduce Leadsquared to BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, IT, Consumer Goods, BPO, IT and Manufacturing Companies.   

Customers of Leadsquared

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