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Why Choose Jinactus?

The One-Team Philosophy

Jinactus Consulting is your only success partner for strategy, technology assessment, selection and/ or development of technology products and services that are fit for your requirements. We work like your extended team and just like a part of your organization, ensuring complete synergies and an exprience,  exactly like that of working as one team.

Our team of experienced professionals has successfully worked and delivered in various geographies like India, Singapore, Japan, USA, Philippines, Europe, Australia and Middle East. We have experience in various industry verticals like Retail (including e-commerce), BFSI, Technology, Telecom, Healthcare. IOT, and Business Data Analytics, are some of the horizontals where we have proven success. We have also successfully represented some very interesting software products and services companies especially for Indian market entry

Get to Know Us

World has various languages and cultures. Most of the new age languages and cultures can be traced back to a handful of originators. Among these, the Indian and Latin are the oldest ones. Jinactus (JINA+ACTUS) is a combination of two words from two different languages and cultures. 

"JINA" carries the resonance of an ancient wisdom, rooted in the fabric of Hindu culture. It is a name that invokes the presence of Lord Vishnu, a revered deity embodying the fundamental principles of Life, Growth, and Prosperity. On the other hand, "ACTUS" emerges from the Latin lexicon, embodying the spirit of action and accomplishment. It represents the very essence of doing, of propelling forward through deliberate effort, and of achieving meaningful outcomes. Jinactus, thus stands for doing good deeds or actions which result in Growth & Prosperity for all Customers and Partners. 

Chetan Kohli-CEO Jinactus

Chetan Kohli

Jinactus is led by Chetan Kohli, and his handpicked team of experienced professionals and consultants who can get the job done for any technology, sales or marketing related requirement in the world for IT products and services. Chetan, is a seasoned sales professional with over 25 years of experience. Has worked with iBILT Technologies (part of Thapar Group) to manage India and international geographies, Head of Business Development - SAARC for NTT Data Corporation & Vice President Asia Pacific for Global Logic before incorporating Jinactus 10 Years ago. The vast experience is built on Sales, Marketing, creating custom software, and establishing partnerships with start-ups, VCs, emerging and disruptive tech companies. He has an open door policy and open access to anyone who needs attention and wants to end the struggle of succeeding in the market.

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