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Creating New Opportunities To Expand Your World

Jinactus is Your Gateway to Success

Research shows that 21.5% of organizations fail in their first year, 30% in the second year, 50% in the fifth year, and 70% in their 10th year. According to business owners, reasons for failure include money running out, being in the wrong market, a lack of research, bad partnerships, ineffective marketing and sales, and not being an expert in the industry, or field. Jinactus is your gateway to success.



Leading Sales Outsourcing Company in India

From leading research papers, it is evident that 65% of new sales hires in the organization don't achieve their year 1 targets. This is due to the time it takes to understand the market, the products/ services, lack of training, or experience in the same field. 


This challenge is even bigger for organizations that are new in the market with a desire to scale their business, as they have limited funds to experiment sales with. 


Jinactus thus brings in the right client-qualified experienced resources to eliminate any room for errors. The team is trained by the top executives of the Jinactus team, on best practice sales techniques and methodologies, to quickly ramp up the funnel and build a strong revenue generating engine.


We are passionate about helping companies by increasing their revenues for year 1 and laying the right foundation for a long-term sustainable growth. 


As partners, we help them discover their product/service’s true potential. As outsiders and with our diverse experience and market knowledge, we are often able to see what the insiders cannot, thus enabling us to develop the best possible plan – long term and short term for our clients. 

What We Help With

Based on your goals and vision, Jinactus can be engaged for multiple scalable opportunities. 

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Territory and Geography Selection

  • Sales Strategy

  • Sales Team Enablement and Development 

  • Sales Process Optimization

  • Lead Generation

  • End-to-end Sales 

  • Post Sales Customer Success

  • The core benefits we bring:

  • Speed to market

  • Scalability of resources

  • Focus and Flexibility 

  • Zero operatioal overheads or expenses to manage a team 

  • Country specific penetration and representation strategy

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