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The all-in-one workflow BPM platform

Become 20% more efficient with one tool

Enate gives you the power to view, manage and track business workflows using one simple platform.


Enate is a workflow BPM solution built to help you run smooth and efficient operations.


Using one end-to-end platform to manage and distribute all service tasks to humans or bots/e-workers, Enate users get real-time visibility and peace of mind that the right work gets to the right worker at right time. Tasks are distributed to a human and digital workforce based on competency, skill, priority and availability. The result is no more missed SLAs, consistently good work, and real-time data and metrics that enable continuous efficiency improvement.


Is Enate right for you?

If you’re running a large service operation and managing a hybrid workforce ( combination of human and digital team ) and that may be distributed across geographies, Enate can help.

Enate’s main customers are large enterprise businesses or partners helping large enterprise clients scale their digital transformation journey. We enable businesses to streamline operations and deliver work on time , provide right and real-time reports thereby unlocking significant efficiency and cost savings.

Enate Workflow BPM

Enate use cases

Whether you want to improve your invoice processing workflow or take the manual work out of a mortgage application process, Enate has been designed for a range of industries including finance, banking, HR and insurance.

Customers of Enate

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