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Process Orchestration and Workflow Automation (Managing RPA)


Enate is a process orchestration cum workflow automation software that helps organizations manage workflow and workforce in one place. It is a no-code platform where direct business users can create workflows to manage hybrid workforce, and to maintain complete visibility and governance of processes thereby improving how work is delivered, managed, and automated. Enate has been deployed across all industry segment and at companies of all sizes. 


Where Enate Fits The Business?

If your business environment features a human workforce running operations manually, and/ or you have deployed RPA or other bots, or are planning to do so within your business. Enate drastically improves your human-bot workforce utilization and orchestrates tasks efficiently between them.

Enate - Demo - Insurance Claims

This is just a one of use case of how Enate works and solves problem for Insurance Claims Process. To see how it automates and solves your business challenges and speeds up transformation, contact us today.

Customers of Enate

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