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World's #1 Location Platform

Make smarter contextual decisions with richer insights

In 2015 – Audi, BMW, and Daimler, acquired HERE from Nokia. With 35 years of experience in mapmaking and approximately 7,000 employees across 56 countries, Here is the world's leading location platform company. Today, more than 160 million vehicles run on HERE map data. Our global ecosystem of customers, partners and developers across a variety of industries includes some of the biggest and best-known brands.

HERE Technologies

HERE detects and processes real-world changes in location data. 


The platform, uniquely combining location content and software, enables people, enterprises, and governments to be as successful as possible. Using the platform, customers can run adaptive applications, such as driver hazard warnings or routing-as-a-service. 


Power new mobility and supply chain solutions - all while maintaining user privacy and security.  As advancing technology better connects disparate data types, a paradigm shift with new use-cases are emerging. Autonomous vehicles, digital twins, and smart city infrastructure rely on precise location data. These use cases additionally require a real-time understanding of how objects, systems, and people interact with one another on the move – they need a digital representation of reality.  


We call this the era of Spatial Intelligence. It relies upon a complex and growing volume of location data. However, even today, many organizations find themselves sitting on large amounts of siloed location data, unable to take full advantage of its value. This is where HERE can help. The open location data ecosystem connects and makes sense of multiple types of location data in a secure, flexible, and valuable way. 


Includes a comprehensive map of India covering 5.4 M KM of road and 18M+ Destinations. Complete support for Operation and Maintenance, with top quality location based service delivery 


Established use cases such as, Fleet Vehicle Tracking, Internal Business Mapping, Public Facing Web and Mobile Applications 

HERE and Jinactus

Jinactus is a leading sales and implementation partner of HERE in India. 


Jinactus ensures the overall product and project implementation are all governed, and executed as per short mid and long term requirements of the customers.

Customers of Here

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