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Better Product Content, Better Results

What is a Bluemeteor?

Blue Meteor is a group of product data and PIM industry specialists on a mission to enable businesses and communities to manage their product data lifecycles and unlock value that hasn't been feasible with conventional PIM and syndication solutions.

Product Information Management

                       Key Features of Product Cloud Content

  • Deliver more compelling product experiences while accelerating time to market and streamlining manual procedures.

  • With a single location to gather, manage, and improve your product information, develop a product catalog, and distribute it to your sales and e-commerce channels, you can control your product content value chain.

  • By including images, videos, documents, and even 3D, you can create an engaging purchasing experience.

  • Utilize data science, AI, and machine learning to minimize or do away with manual labor.

  • Integration with the most well-liked B2B and B2C marketplaces and delivery channels happens quickly and simply.

  • Automation of work processes with reporting, enhanced analytics, and dashboards.

  • High data integrity is ensured by built-in administrative and governance features.

  • Designed to withstand the future. SaaS architecture that is native to the cloud. Customize without development or code thanks to configuration and composability.

  • Product Content Cloud

    Customers of Bluemeteor

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