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Location Intelligence and GIS Services

The Power of Geospatial Technology

Geospatial technology is increasingly applied in organizations today to harness location advantages and to address operational, regulatory, and service needs. We at Jinactus understand the power of geospatial technology and strongly believe that Geographic Information System (GIS) benefits must perfuse all industries, enabling business verticals to make informed location-specific decisions.

Geographic information system

GIS Services

In an effort to turn the GIS vision into reality, we undertake in-depth study of complex problems using GIS platform and offers various solutions for complicated matters. We have continually serviced the needs of GIS markets through our focused, innovative, and efficient services in areas of spatial technology and applications.  


We provide customized and innovative solutions in different industry sectors which include:




  • Aerial and satellite mapping to generate maps 

  • Geodatabase modeling and management 

  • Capability to provide complete range of photogrammetric services: Planimetery, Orthorectification, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) 

  • Data Conversion





  • Design and develop customized GIS solutions on desktop, Web, and mobile platforms 

  • Manage integration of GIS with existing IT systems 

  • Offer GIS third-party services





  • Innovating location-based services to help in more informed decision. 

  • Create new software-based technologies that are scalable, reliable and cost-efficient to help our customers stay focused on their core competencies. 

  • We never stop innovating to meet the needs and solve the challenges of these rapidly evolving industries.  

  • Our Location Based Solutions are reliable and easy to use that helps you improve service, reduce costs and better compete through better asset tracking





  • Vehicle Tracking 

  • Route optimization 

  • Fuel Management 

  • Real-time Alerts in case of tampering or Misuse with tracking device 

  • Post-trip Analysis





  • Scheduling 

  • Tracking 

  • Reporting





  • Geotagging of the secondary and tertiary distribution network 

  • Classify retailers of a particular distributor by unique icons 

  • White Patch/No coverage analysis 

  • Plotting High revenue dealers/retailers

  • What We Help With

    Based on your goals and vision, Jinactus can be engaged for multiple scalable opportunities. 



  • Location-Based Services

  • Solution Designing 

  • GIS Solution Discovery  

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