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Deliver Quality Solution That Meets Requirements

Jinactus Is Your Gateway To Tested Success

Today's software applications are becoming increasingly complex, as business requirements expand and systems are required to work across multiple platforms and integrate with many inter-related systems. This complexity increases the risk of failure which may result in a loss of functionality, impact on reputation and loss of revenue.  Jinactus offers manual and automation testing expertise through every stage of your testing process to ensure delivery of a quality solution that meets your business needs and reduces risk.

Software Testing- Jinactus

Leading Testing Company in India

Jinactus offers manual and automation testing expertise through every stage of your testing process




1. Onsite Delivery - We offer a complete range of software testing personnel from junior testers through to senior test managers that can work on site, seamlessly integrating into your team to fulfil vital roles in your project. Our client can select individuals or teams with the skills that match their project resourcing needs, available for both short and long term positions


2. Off-Site Delivery -  Want the flexibility, convenience and peace of mind that comes with working locally? Take advantage of our highly scalable Test Factory solution with testing being carried out from our office locations.  The Test Factory provides a testing environment that matches your unique requirements around resources, security, hardware and software. It also offers transparency, employing a toolset that allows real-time monitoring of your projects progress.  Choose from our highly affordable outcome-based packages or tailor a solution that meets your needs.

What We Help With

Based on your goals and vision, Jinactus can be engaged for multiple scalable opportunities. 



  • End-to-end Testing 

  • Manual Testing

  • Automation Testing

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